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Austrian Court Lifts Hijab Ban Imposed on Muslim Girls in Schools

Austria’s constitutional court has overturned a law which was prohibited Muslim girls to wear hijab at elementary schools.

The court stated that the laws are discriminatory in nature and hence invalid. The law was formulated by the ruling conservative party along with the right organizations of the country.

The law didn’t mention the term ‘hijab’ or ‘headscarves’ but it clearly stated that no religious signs were to be used in the school.

But the court admitted that the law directly aimed at Muslims and is discriminatory.

The law went against the state’s duty to treat officially recognized religions equally, and the principle that singling out any one of them requires special justification, it ruled.

“The selective ban … applies exclusively to Muslim schoolgirls and thereby separates them in a discriminatory manner from other pupils,” court President Christoph Grabenwarter said.

He also added that the law will prevent Muslim girls from going into higher education and would lead to educational backwardness, social exclusion, and marginalization.

Islamophobia is widely prevalent in Austria as the government is keen on bringing new laws against Muslims.

However, the court’s new order is indeed welcoming and full of hope that Muslims will get their due place and recognition in society.

Earlier, similar decisions were taken by a Swedish court. The court overruled the Hijab ban in schools in sweden.

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