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Swedish Court Lifts Hijab Ban at Schools in Skurup Town

A Swedish court has ruled against the order that required Muslim girls to remove headscarves at school in the country’s southern town.

The southern town of Skurup has imposed a ban on hijab for schoolgirls below the age of 13 last year. The ban faced strict opposition from the Muslim groups as well as teachers and students.

Many school principals also refused to follow this ban in Skurup. Now finally the Malmo Administrative Court of Appeals has revoked this discriminatory decision of the town council. The court reportedly called the decision ‘unconstitutional’ and lifted the ban.

Muslims constitute around 8% of the total population of Sweden. Many of them are either migrants or second-generation migrants. It is a constitutional and moral victory for the small Muslim population of Skurup.

Muslims are facing severe hatred and persecution at the hands of the European government and white supremacists. Hate crimes against Muslims and Islamophobia are rapidly increasing in Europe and America.

Recently, Austria has also enabled laws that are meant to persecute Muslims in the name of a ban on political Islam.

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